Patrons & Supporters

Our Kickstarter campaign did not reach its target, no one was charged.
Names in green have renewed their pledges to us directly.
If you would like to make or renew a pledge, please visit the Kickstarter Pagechoose your reward, and email your pledge for when we try again.

We gratefully recognize the following Patrons for their generous support of
regional photography and photographers, having pledged $500 or more.
Gary Hunt
Michele Grennon
Susan Denenberg

John Schnitzler
Gary Samson

And the following Supporters for their pledges of $10 or more
Charter Weeks
Steven Onishi
Linda Tyring
Alan Perry
Dan Gingras
Ken Kartes
Bob Graham
Brian O’Connor
Chris Duffy
Susan Matthews
Roger Goun
Patricia Whitney
Karen Augusta

Jane Boyle
Tamara Krenn
James Crisp
Sara Flause
Jonathan Cohen
Herbert Moyer
Janine Parsons
Harvey Cohen
Carolyn Kopp
Lisa Noonis
Beth Boynton
Helen Brock
Peter McElroy
Pat Cutshall
Andrew Terris
Richard Smith
Carol Keyes
Mary Power
Jacinthe Jaci Grote
Mike Warhurst

Mary Lou Monteiro
Carol Van Loon
Barbara Zulkiewicz
David Ramsay
Guy Capecelatro III
Rick Schweikert
Elisabeth Robinson
Jane and Dick Kaufmann
Laura Pope
Anne Sauve
Cheryl Krisko
Pat Spalding
Bill Paarlberg
Paul & Clia Goodwin
abigail brewster
Jan Waldron
Lauren Augusta
Ron Bourgeault
MJ Blanchette
Margot Erdmann
Susan Turner
Roland Goodbody

Marje Foote
Peggi McCarthy & Cary Wendell
Ben Baldwin
Pete & Jan Thomas

and 28 Kickstarter “Guest Backers” whose names I can’t see
(Don’t see your name but you pledged? My apologies, and please let me fix that!)