The Series

Ten Piscataqua Photographers is the first in a set of finely-crafted coffee table books. We invited a cast of 10 photographers from the region,* both well-established and emerging, to present a body of their work. These are by no means the only fine art photographers working in the region. They are simply ten outstanding artists we think worthy of your attention.

We’ve also assembled a crew of creative professionals to produce, market, and distribute a book that is itself an affordable piece of art. As of early April, we are done with production, and are very much recruiting for the crowdfunding part of our marketing. If you’d like to learn more about joining our current or next project, visit the Join Us! page.

Our crowdfunding page goes live on April 15. We need to raise $14,000 in advance sales to pay for manufacturing 1000 copies, miscellaneous costs, Kickstarter’s pound of flesh, and leave us enough leftover to throw a launch party slash booksigning. Should we succeed, we’ll immediately be announcing a “Call for Entries” for the next title in the series: Ten Piscataqua Painters.

Cast and crew have invested their time and talent towards a share of any profit from sales of the book. We use an algorithm to attribute fair shares to each member of the team.

Like the farm-to-table food movement, our intent is to involve as much of the arts community as are willing to support and participate in developing more robust connections between artists and art lovers in the community—from studio to coffee table.

For more info about Ten Piscataqua contact

*The Piscataqua region (pronounced pis – cata – kwah) includes the river’s entire watershed, upriver and upstream from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Not just the named river between the Atlantic Ocean and Dover Point, but all of Great Bay and its many rivers and tributaries. That includes most all of Rockingham and Strafford Counties in New Hampshire, as well as the border towns of southern Maine in York County.