Publishing Gigs

Each Ten Piscataqua book is edited, marketed, and produced by a collaboration of local professionals who all earn a stake in the book’s net profit. None of us are paid upfront for our respective gigs, instead we’re investing time and talent to earn a percentage of the book’s success. Shares are paid out one year from the book’s pub date, and annually thereafter for as long as the book remains in print. Don’t expect to make a lot of money! Our first priority is to raise enough to get on press and launch an exhibit and book signing for when the book comes off press. Better to expect getting some experience, develop contacts with other creative pros in the area, participate in a community-oriented project that showcases what regional artists are up to, and wind up with a classy item for your portfolio. If it turns out we have a bestseller on our hands, so much the better!

We are currently recruiting the production and marketing team for the Ten Piscataqua Painters coffee table book, forthcoming in Fall 2020. To express an interest in any of the gigs described below, please indicate what position you are interested in, including a brief introduction of what you can bring to the gig, attach a resume or CV if you have one, or otherwise make your pitch to

Arts Writer

Each of the 10 painters and portfolios being showcased in the book needs a 250-300 word introduction for their portfolio opening page. That’s just 4 or 5 paragraphs to present a bit about the artist, their work, and introduce this portfolio in particular. For the introductions, the Arts Writer researches each painter then and interviews them in their studio (with our videographer). The Arts Writer also helps us create clips and copy we’ll be using to promote that painter. We are not seeking a critic but someone who can communicate what makes this artist and their work unique and worthy of the community’s attention. The Arts Writer is listed as one of the book authors in the copyright registration for the compilation and is included on the title page under the line: Introductions by. The Arts Writer may appear in clips the videographer produces of the studio visit that we share on our website and in social media posts. Starts immediately, one artist at a time, preparing roughly 10 artist introductions and miscellaneous copy over 6 months.


The Ten Piscataqua Painters Videographer visits each of the ten painters at their studios, ideally with the arts writer who will be interviewing. The idea being to capture footage and dialog of the artist and studio that can be edited into short studio visit clips we can share on social media. Likewise shoot and edit clips of some of the crew and possibly even some of our backers and help create several 1 to 3 minute vids that present the project to crowdfunding backers at different stages (beginning, middle, end). Starts immediately, probably 10 hrs/month over 6 months.

Book Designer

This is a coffee table book and the design involves the presentation of ten very different artists. We start with a cover rough to standardize our initial promotional material around, and then sample pages of the design to be approved by the new year. We will be using finished Chapter Openings in our marketing and promotion as the book takes shape and each painter is announced, meaning the production will happen chapter by chapter as portfolios are edited, rather than all at once. The specs are 9×9 hardcover, 128 pages, designed early on then paged over 6-8 months. There are 8pp of front and back matter, and the main book is ten 12-page portfolio chapters, typically the opening spread incorporates the Portfolio title, artist, and intro copy, and the 5 additional spreads are typically one image per page with a caption. Occasionally an image is spread over 2 facing pages. The book will be paged slowly, one chapter/portfolio at a time over 6 mos.

Studio Photographer

Most of the painters included in the book provide low-resolution photography of their images that will be used in the selection and editing of their portfolios. However not all the artists have high resolution color-calibrated images suitable for reproduction in a coffee table book. For that we need a studio photographer with a pro DSLR and tripod to visit, shoot, color calibrate and prepare high resolution files for us to use in the book’s reproduction. Some painters can provide all their own high rez imagery, others may need just a few images shot, and a couple may need up to a dozen images shot. We may also need some product photography of the book itself in the prototype stage. Starts immediately, visit 6-8 painters over 6 months for no more than an hour shoot each plus travel, then color correct and prep final files.

Publishing and Marketing Interns

Immediate openings. Must be able to hit the ground running, have flexible hours, excellent research and communication skills, be detail-oriented, and able to take on and complete a variety of small projects and assignments anywhere from building a contact list to helping hang an art show. Flexible hours and length. Independent study credit may be arranged for college business students.

Crowdfunding Coordinator

The candidate will help to develop the crowdfunding campaign for Ten Piscataqua Painters. That includes developing the methods and materials we need to find the backers and patrons we’ll depend on to greenlight our project. Our crowdfunding takes place on two levels. Backers are those typically making a donation to secure a first edition copy in advance and support our idea of creating a means for the community to regularly discover and celebrate its local genius in the visual arts. Probably 10 hrs/month over 10 months.

Social Media Maven

We have an immediate opening for a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram savvy admin to adapt our monthly newsletter updates into a number of separate social media posts that develop and maintain our visibility and presence on those platforms. Other team members will be producing content (jpgs, vids, ads) for those posts, the admin will mostly post, track, and manage. Candidate needs excellent organizational and copy writing skills. Roughly 1 post, 2 or 3x a week (2-3 hrs?), or 15-20 posts a month.

Event Planner

Arrange four to five Exhibit and Booksigning events to take place around the region in the year after the book is off press. These events are an important opportunity for the community to meet their regional artists in person, collect signatures, and sell books. Initially research the venues around the region and arrange dates in the future, beginning in the fall of 2020. Then run those shows, (i.e., hang the art, arrange wine and cheese, liase with venue folk, work with our publicity to promote it) and so on, so the artists and crew can be part of the party. The first exhibit and signing will take place within a month of the book coming off press in Oct 2020. Some advance work and then a few days of crazy every few months.

Distribution Manager

Oversee fulfillment of orders (shipping) when books first come offpress as well as delivery of retail copies to booksellers, galleries, and gift shops. Maintain and expand our regional retail presence. Check up on and refill inventories as necessary. Initially busy when getting books to the shops, then low key after for 1 year. Some advance prep beforehand but most effort will not take place until fall 2020.


Update monthly ledger, balance books, calculate and distribute royalties to cast and crew once/year.