Freelance Publishing Gigs available for the Ten Piscataqua Painters project

Our freelance gigs are not paid hourly or by salary, but instead earn a share of the book’s Net Profit (after expenses), and profitshares are paid on an annual basis starting one year from our publication date. While we’re confident we will reach our crowdfunding target for Ten Piscataqua Painters, it’s only after passing our crowdfunding target, that shares begin to earn any money. It’s impossible to know beforehand how successful we’ll be beyond that. We may only do a little better and we share next to nothing, or the stars could align and we have a local bestseller. In any case, no one should be expecting to get rich, how successful we are depends very much on how well the community supports our idea of discovering and celebrating outstanding visual artists of the Piscataqua watershed.

To make a pitch for any of the job descriptions at right, please email

Publishing a coffee table book takes a village, there are a million different little jobs needing to happen at different times. But traditional publishing is changing, color printing is more affordable than ever, and the internet has made crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and online collaboration possible.Suddenly, a series of coffee table art books celebrating local painters isn’t such a crazy idea.

Our collaboration starts with inviting ten outstanding painters from the regional community, both established and emerging. , and they share one third of the book’s net profit after expenses. We also recruit a crew of creative professionals and freelancers from the community to do the behind-the-curtains work—the editorial, design, production, and marketing gigs you see listed in the next column. The crew divvies the second third of any net profit. The last third goes to Ten Piscataqua which is the project’s traffic cop, and provides continuity, an office, and warehousing space.

And then we reach out to the community looking to discover, explore and celebrate ince we’ve done it once already with Photographers, so we’re confident we’ll meet our $10K crowdfunding goal to print and bind Ten Pisc. The next trick is to generate enough interest to start putting money in everyone’s pocket. The financial rewards of crowdfunding are by no means guaranteed, they could be next to nothing, or it’s possible that the stars shine on us, and the book becomes a viral hit. In which case a rising tide lifts all boats. Aside from their earned shares, everyone participating, receives a first edition copy of the book, can buy additional copies after crowdfunding at the lowest wholesale price, and will have their name and contribution recognized in the book credits for all time.

Publishing Intern: A catchall position doing whatever publishing task needs attention at the time. Such as researching event locations, assisting with crowdfunding graphics, editing a video clip, adminning a social media account, or writing copy for a press release. Variable hours and periods as you are available.

Copywriter: A wordsmith for crafting advertising copy, social media posts, other publicity. Needed mostly spring and summer ’21. 
Book Designer: Our format is 9”x9” hardback, 128 pages, 10 chapters with FM & BM. Minimal text design as the paging is mostly placing art files with captions. A cover rough is needed in May, its design can follow the series template, or vary. Portfolio paging happens June and July. Final Cover files due early August.
Graphic Designer: Design and production of consistent graphic elements for the Newsletter, website, and especially social media posts. Needed mostly spring and summer ’21. 
Manufacturing (printer liaison): Arrange print & bind estimates, choose printer in spring. Oversee digital prototype copies summer, put the book on press, conforming to series design. 
Social Media Admin: Work with graphic artist and copywriter to prepare and post weekly on FB, twitter & Instagram.  Intermittent over 1 year.
Graphic designer: Prepare incidental graphics monthly for website updates, social media posts, newsletter content. A few hours monthly over 1 year.
Event coordinator: arrange & help coordinate an exhibition of the ten painters, as it debuts and then travels to 4-5 different venues in the region over the next year with booksigning events, to introduce the painters and their work to the regional community. Intermittent over 1 year.
Publishing Intern: do what needs to be done as needed with and without supervision (possible college credit). Intermittent monthly.
Copywriter: craft and massage text for a variety of messages.  Intermittent monthly.
Copy Editor: one time workover of final manuscript for consistency and style, short 2 week gig takes place next winter.
Proofreader: one time gig comparing prepress pages to ms, short 2 week gig, takes place next winter.