Back in the 1980s, re:Ports. arts and entertainment magazine featured the work of a visual artist on its cover every week. The medium of print allowed the community to discover and explore who its fine artists were and what their work was about. That publicity stimulated conversations, created connections, and built community awareness simply by reaching a much broader audience than  public exhibits and gallery openings offer. It’s no exaggeration to say that regular public exposure of both established and emerging talent had a profound effect on the arts community in a way that really hasn’t been duplicated since.

Recreating a similar community dynamic in the form of a gift book series is the basic idea behind Ten Piscataqua. We are a collaborative profit-sharing group of regional artists and creative professionals, working together to feature and celebrate the portfolios of ten fine artists working in a given medium, one coffee table book at a time.

Our first title in the series is Ten Piscataqua Photographers, As soon as enough money is raised for that to get on-press, we’ll be announcing the Call for Entries to the next title in our series: Ten Piscataqua Painters.

Like the farm-to-table food movement, our intent is to build more intimate connections between the artists and art lovers sharing the same geography. The Piscataqua region includes the entire watershed of the river in both states. Not just the named river between the Atlantic Ocean and Dover Point, but all of Great Bay and its many rivers and tributaries. That includes most all of Rockingham and Strafford Counties in New Hampshire (aka the NH Seacoast) as well as the border towns of southern Maine in York County.