Ten Piscataqua Painters Book


Ten  Piscataqua Painters

First Edition Hardback 
9″ x 9″ square
128 pages, 120 pages of art (10 chapters). 

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Funds Raised $12,895

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Why Support?

Ten Piscataqua Painters is more than just putting an art show of ten regional painters into a coffee table book. There are grander schemes afoot. It’s . . .

• Another arts platform. Print, in this case a coffee table book, can reach a wider audience of art lovers who may not attend gallery openings, but still need a way to discover and explore the genius around us. A coffee table book can make art both more accessible and less intimidating by showing a whole body of a painter’s work exploring specific visual ideas. A coffee table book can even reach art lovers who don’t yet know they are art lovers. Not to mention the different experience a coffee table book gives in allowing the viewer to spend much more time exploring a painters vision. 

• Arts community building. These books recognize a larger arts community than any individual city or town. They celebrate the arts community of a larger region—the Piscataqua River watershed straddling the southern NH &ME border and all the tributaries that feed into it. We feel strongly that the more a community is aware of and supports its local genius, the more grounded and sustainable it is. Members of the visual arts community come together in this book in various ways, the painters contribute their visions, creative professionals invest time and talent to produce and market it, art lovers collect and gift copies of it, and art patrons (businesses, orgs, and individuals) support the effort with generous donations because they recognize the community benefits.

• Supporting local artists! Support local where ever you can but support local art especially. Our region is particularly blessed with outstanding painters! Here are ten of them we think the community should know about. Every dollar we can raise beyond our crowdfunding target to get the book on press starts putting money directly into the pockets of not only the ten painters contributing in the book, but the creative professionals who have also invested time and talents to produce and market the book.

• An ongoing series. We are building on our success with Ten Piscataqua Photographers, and after Ten Piscataqua Painters we have several more categories of visual artists to present in the coming years as coffee table books, before beginning the cycle over again.

• An educational tool. This book opens a window into the worlds of ten different visual storytellers. It teaches what regional artists are up to. It teaches that art is not just about decoration, art has things to say. These artists have things to say. A book in your hand is an intimate way to take the time to explore, and see, as well as listen to what they’re saying.

• An historical document. The Piscataqua region has a rich art history in painting, and Ten Piscataqua Painters presents a snapshot of what’s happening among some of its painters today.

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The Painters

Many thanks to all the wonderful Piscataqua painters who answered our Call for Entries and sent in website links and folders of images for portfolio consideration. We regret we could not include everyone. The ten painters below were chosen not only for outstanding achievement, but also to represent a wide diversity of style, subject matter, media, and geography. You’ll find no two portfolios in this book are alike. By no means are we saying these are the best ten painters in the region, rather we think these are ten diverse and outstanding painters the community should know about and celebrate. Please come see some of the work up close and meet them at our exhibit and book signing event at the Portsmouth Public Library in early November, 2021. 

Jan Waldron
Rye, NH
The Way Home
Landscapes and figures in oil

Tom Glover
Rollinsford, NH
On the Docks
Abstractions in oil and mixed media

Pamela duLong Williams
South Berwick, ME
My People
Portraits and figures in oil

Gordon Carlisle
Eliot, ME
Yeah, But Is It ART?
Acrylic over found Paint-by-Number paintings

Bill Paarlberg
Kittery Point, ME
City of Water & Color
Landscapes in watercolor

Dustan Knight
New Castle, NH
Abstracting the Place
Abstracted landscapes in acrylic

John LeCours
Epping, NH
Harbour Light
Harbor and river scenes of the Piscataqua in oil

Jayne Adams
Gonic, NH
Figures in oil

Wolfgang Ertl
Hampton, NH
Landscapes in pastel

Beth Wittenberg
Rochester, NH
Pandemic Blues
Abstract expressions in mixed media

The Crew

Editor: Phillip Augusta, Kittery Point, ME editor@tenpiscataqua.com
Book Designer: Carol VanLoon, Dover, NH vanloon42@gmail.com

Advance Publicity: Laura Pope, Eliot, ME unionfarm144@comcast.net
Website: Lynn Davey, LD Creative Designs LLC, Newfields, NH lynn@ldcreativedesigns.com
Event Coordinator: Laura Brown, Portsmouth, NH laura@excellentdog.com

Advance Reviews

We are all better off seeing these images, and like a really great piece of music, this book gets better with each subsequent viewing.
              Terrence Parker, Landscape Architect, Sculptor and Muralist, South Berwick

If you think painting should be fun and bring joy, excitement, and a smile to your face, then there is plenty to choose from here. There’s the obvious fun, fun of Gordon Carlisle’s humorous embellishments of paint-by-the-numbers canvases, the color fun of Tom Glover’s nearly abstract fish and dockside vignettes, and the scary fun of Beth Wittenberg’s Basquiat-like take on life during the pandemic.
              Stephen Foster, Fine Art Dealer, Historic Preservationist, Portsmouth

I know the Seacoast well. I have lived here for over thirty years. But flipping through the pages of Ten Piscataqua Painters offers a delightful reflection of these places, spaces and faces I know but can now see through the brush strokes of others. Whether Jan Waldron’s low light pouring across the yellow green salt marsh or Bill Paarlberg’s watery peek into a blue shadowed alley, Ten Piscataqua Painters offers a new look at an old place we call home.
              Mary Johanna Brown, Brown & Company Design, Rye

The works presented in this collection warrant, and reward, prolonged consideration. Experiencing them in a medium that allows one to spend as much time with each page as one wants opens these artworks up in ways that a viewing in a busy gallery or museum might not allow. Take the opportunity to really sink into them and let them sink into you. The longer you look, the more you’ll see.
              Trevor F. Bartlett, Graphic Designer, Portsmouth
This collection is bursting with vitality. We’re invited to be curious about a bigger story told in vibrant brush strokes through different techniques and perspectives.
              Marjan Frank, Gallerista, Kittery Point
Ten Piscataqua Painters is a journey though realism, humor, abstraction and contemplation of characters and place. In this collection, one imagines knocking on studio doors throughout the seacoast where each studio visit is wildly different than the last and impressions are unexpected and enduring.
              Roger Cole, Piscataqua Aficionado, Kittery Point
Jan Waldron’s landscapes possess a soft and warm dreamlike quality. While inviting and familiar, her emotional skies imbue the scenes with a hint of drama-to-come, like distant thunder or a sudden chill in the air. Pamela DuLong Williams prefers the humanscape to landscape. Her subjects are lovingly studied and rendered in such a way as to deliver a full personality in a particular mood. The “Pandemic Blues” of Beth Wittenberg deliver the cathartic gut punch of a grand finale. Bright colors, thick dripping paint and scattered text conspire to kidnap the viewer into the nightmare that was COVID. The primitive graphic power of her work is raw, confrontational, darkly personal, and ultimately universal.
              George “Butch” Heilshorn, Counselor, Distiller, Author, Dover
Jan Waldron’s colors, sometimes muted, sometimes spectral, feel both surreal and intimate. Dustan Knight’s abstracted landscapes evoke her choice of place as subject, like a quick look that remains on the eye.  We look through the art at her places, like her “Walking Home,” which show us where to go.
              Peggi McCarthy, writer/actor, Generic Theater, re:Ports., NHIA, Norridgewock, ME
I was immediately drawn to the palettes of several painters as they address landscapes and seascapes in oils and pastel. Particularly vibrant are the landscape oils of Jan Waldron and the Turneresque waterscapes of John LeCours. Also compelling are the small yet dense landscape/seascape pastels of Wolfgang Ertl. 
              Cary Wendell, Mural Works, Department of Theater and Dance at Phillips Exeter Academy, Norridgewock, ME
Loved viewing this coffee table book collection. What a great way to become familiar with some of the local artists. I was taken in by so many of the painters having seen their work over many years and watched them grow. This collection is really diverse! I so appreciate the humor in Gordon Carlisle’s work, loved the watercolors of Bill Paarlberg, and also appreciate the work of Tom Glover who was influenced by one of my influences, John Laurent. The person who really caught my eye was Jayne Adams. In particular, I loved the painting called ‘The Aunts’.
              Nadine Perry, Blackthorne Gallery, artist, Hampton Falls  

Ten Piscataqua Painters is an eclectic mix of style and subject matter that captures the mood of places and situations both local and in the mind of the artist. Each work sharing rich impressions of the life that surrounds them.
              Tom Cocchiaro, Photojournalist, PR professional, Portsmouth
Art on a wall or in a coffee-table book lends itself to inspection. I’m no expert, but Ten Piscataqua Painters offers something for everyone, if they will only sit down and look.
              Herb Moyer, Financial Professional, Photographer, Exeter
These ten artists run an emotional gamut. Their creative expression finds us, touches us, sometimes heals us, and in certain dynamics, completes us.”
              —Michael Warhurst, Prescott Park Head Gardener (retired), Kittery
In a fast-moving world flooded with disposable digital imagery, a book that respectfully displays the earthly craft of inspired painters is a true treasure.
               Cliff Lazenby, Community Activist and Arts Advocate, Portsmouth
Ten Piscataqua Painters has expanded my view of local artists and presents a great way to support them and bring their work into my living room to share with others. And for some special friends this book will make a great gift of local art! The collection as a whole shows a broad range of artistic styles and subject matter that compels you to turn the page to enjoy the next offering.

               —Rob Karosis, Photographer, South Berwick

The Ten Piscataqua Painters book was designed as coffee table book to expose you to the variety of master painters who are creating their art in the Piscataqua watershed region and to inspire and influence future artists.
               —Mary Liz Lancaster, NH Art Association, Dover


Martha & Jeff Clark
In loving memory of Brigitte Gefrich
TVC Systems
Bob & Karen Graham
Kenny & Sally Gilbride
Bruce Larrabee
W. Ford Schumann


Cheryl Krisko
Beth Boynton
Bruce Larrabee
Blair and Jan McCracken
Roberta Lew
John LeCours
Lauren Augusta
Rick Schweikert
Jiff Cornwell
Margaret & Ben Aldrich
Karen Lazerowich
Sue Cobbler
Lynn Davey
Tracy Mattheson
Andrea A. Peterson
John Georgoudiou
Andrew David Terris
Sherman Pridham
Matt & Shelly Ditzhazy
Fran Nutter-Upham
Candace Wheeler
Edward Mockler
Susan Keenan Sweeney
Pete & Jan Thomas
Holly Cornwell
Sharon DiMasi
Plaistow Public Library
Stephanie Voss
Lisa Teague
Stephanie, S.
Hara Harding
Nanny Noyes
Susan Denenberg
Carol Keyes
Chip Noon
Richard Candee
Marcia Abigail Ryder, in memoriam
Toby Gordon
Cathy Wolff
Gordon Carlisle
Anne Weidman
Guy Capecelatro III
Grace Peirce
Alan Perry
Steven Onishi
Mary Lou Monteiro
Doug & Karin Nelson
Sally Fleming 
Anita Rosencrantz
Steve Weinstock
Pat Spalding
Michael Lay
Ursula Wright
Diane Beem
Anne Sauve
Jenny Jensen Greenleaf
Chris Dwyer
Jan Larson
Rosalind Grant
Tom Daly
Meli Barber
Jen Daly
Jill Aube
Jay Richard
Jen & Tom Glover
Lainey McCartney
B. Louise Mata
Ann Hartman
Alan LeCours
Merrill Aharonian
George McQuilken
Vicki Kasabian
Lydia Meade
Heather Krans
Eileen de Munck