9″ x 9″ 128 pages, First Edition hardback forthcoming Spring 2020, $60 retail

Call for Entry Guidelines
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Call for Entry Guidelines

Anyone living and/or working in the Piscataqua watershed is welcome to submit a portfolio idea of their paintings for inclusion in the book. The region includes most of Strafford and Rockingham counties in New Hampshire (aka Seacoast NH), as well as the border towns of southern Maine

The simplest way to have your work considered is to send us a website link that shows us at least a dozen images. If you also have images represented in galleries, social media, and other websites, we recommend including links to those as well. If you don’t have online links to bring to our attention, we will also consider a pdf attached to your email with 12 to 15 portfolio images, or attach a folder containing 12-15 of low-resolution jpg or png files (low resolution here means neither dimension is more than 1000 pixels). Make sure you label the folder (or pdf) with your full name. We will not publish any image you send without permission. Please also provide a brief bio, including what town you live in. Please do not submit images that you are not the copyright owner of.

We are not choosing 10 painters at once, rather more like one a month over the next ten months. Submissions that aren’t chosen for the 1st portfolio slot are still in the running for the 10th. The best way to follow the book’s progress, to watch the book come together one painter at a time, we recommend subscribing to our monthly news email.

Painters chosen to participate in the book are not paid anything in advance but receive a percentage of the book’s net profit 1 year after publication, and thereafter annually for as long as the book remains in print.

Address all portfolio submissions to:

Join the Crew

Each Ten Piscataqua book has its own crew of 10 to 15 creative professionals collaborating to produce, market, and distribute the book. Like the cast of painters, crew members earn percentage shares in the book’s net profit, depending on the nature of the work they contribute. Some jobs are one time events, others ongoing for considerable length of time. Here are the positions we’re looking to fill at the moment.

Book Designer – This title is the second of a series, and the book design will need to work within series parameters. Some book design experience required. Responsible for production of both cover and interior pages. Intermittent over 1 year.

Writer – Each of the 10 Portfolios and painters are introduced with fairly short (250 word) pieces about each artist, their work, and in particular this portfolio. Requires gathering available bio material and interviewing the artists over roughly 8 months.

Videographer – Visits each of 10 painters for studio shots and a bit of dialog with the painter, to produce a 30 second clip for each that we can use to promote both the artist and the book. The painter clips are also edited down combined and with some additional material to create a 2 minute video we can use for our crowdfunding campaign.

Publishing Interns (2) – Take on small projects as they come up for a contracted period of time, helping with research, editorial, production, marketing, and distribution tasks. Candidates should be detail-oriented and have excellent communications skills. Possible college credit for Independent Study students.

Exhibit Showrunner – Organize and publicize an exhibit of the ten painters works for a signing and launch event for when the book comes off press. And then take that show on the road to a total of 4-6 venues around the region over the next year. Sporadic over 1 year

Social Media Admin – From our news cycle and other provided promotional material, develop 2 posts/week for our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. 2-4 hrs/weekly.

Express your interest in any position to:


As the artists and creative professionals invest their time and talent into editing, producing, and marketing the book, we reach into the community to find arts-friendly individuals, businesses, and organization to back our idea of bringing local genius to the attention of the community, one coffee table book at a time.

Community backers provide the initial funds to get the book on press and have a launch party and everything necessary to support that. After that, any profits are shared and the to make the project happen, and may choose from the rewards we offer Advance sales of the book and donations large and small helps make this idea happen. Backers choose rewards they’d like to receive for their donations, such as how many copies of the book they’d like shipped to them as soon as it is available, or how they’d like their support to be recognized.

Crowdfunding donations can just be straight donations, or they can be for rewards of certain value. For this book a $10 donation gets your name recognized on our website as one of our founding backers, while a donation of $50 or more also rewards backers with a 1st edition copy of the book shipped to them as soon as it comes off press (store copies will be $60). Patrons donating $500 or more are recognized for all time on the last page of the book.

We’re still working out the details of but plan to open crowdfunding for Ten Piscataqua Painters in March of 2019.