Ten Piscataqua Writers 2022

An Anthology from the Watershed

6″ x 9″ Trade Paperback 
268 pages

Crowdfunding goal was:  $5,500
Crowdfunding total raised (April to June 2022): $6,905

Ten Piscataqua Writers 2022 was the inaugural edition of the Ten Piscataqua Writers biennial paperback series, and is available from us online with free shipping, or through one of our Retailers.

Our latest edition: Ten Piscataqua Writers 2024 (is available to order at a crowdfunding discount in advance of publication (forthcoming early November 2023).

The Call for Entry guidelines for Ten Piscataqua Writers 2026 will be announced shortly after the 2024 anthology is published.

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Why Support?

Ten Piscataqua Writers 2024 is one way for the regional arts community to regularly discover, explore, and celebrate outstanding writers right among us. We intend to publish this anthology of regional writers on an biennial basis. It’s not an anthology solely of short stories, or one of essays, or just poetry, our goal is to present an eclectic mix from established and emerging writers in the region on an yearly basis. These are writers we think you should know about.

• A regular arts platform for writers. Our Call for Entries for the next edition goes out as soon as the last edition is published. Writers living in the Piscataqua River watershed are invited to send our guest editors a chapter (15–30 ms pages) of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or anything in between,  from which they select the ten writers they think belong in the anthology.  of what we knew already, that our region is blessed with incredible literary talent, both established and emerging, and working in all kinds of genres. Most folks who belong to that community become aware of each other through local writers’ groups, readings, book signing events, and hoots. But what’s missing is a way to discovering these talents, or at least a sampling a group of them, in print. Many magazine publications have come and gone, publishing is a cutthroat business, especially for publications dependent on advertising. Book publishing too is in a state of upheaval, but one that offers new opportunities and business models. Our model is to build on community at all levels, not just folks who want back a good read for $20, but for those who can recognize and support a good community idea. 

• Arts community building. Our books recognize a larger arts community than any individual city or town. They celebrate the arts community of a larger region—the Piscataqua River watershed straddling the southern NH &ME border and all the tributaries that feed into it. We feel strongly that the more a community is aware of and supports its local genius, the more grounded and sustainable that community is. Members of the writing community have come together in this book in various ways: the writers who’ve offered us their visions; creative professionals who invested their time and talent to produce and market the book, readers who back us when collecting or gifting copies of it, and art patrons (businesses, organizations, and individuals) who support the effort with generous donations because they recognize the larger community benefits.

• Supporting local writers! Support local where ever you can but support significant achievements among local writers especially. Every dollar we can raise beyond our crowdfunding target to get the book on press starts putting money directly into the pockets of not only the ten painters contributing in the book, but the creative professionals who have also invested time and talents to produce and market the book.

• An ongoing series. We are building on our success with our coffee table books that showcase local visual artists, Ten Piscataqua Photographers, and Ten Piscataqua Painters. If we can achieve similar modest success with Ten Piscataqua Writers 2022, then it’s all the more likely we’ll be announcing a “Call for Entries” for a 2023 edition this coming summer.

• An educational tool. This book opens a window into the worlds of ten different storytellers. It teaches what regional writers are up to. It teaches that good writing is not just about decoration, good writing has things to say. These writers have things to tell us. A book in your hand is an intimate way to take the time to explore, and see, as well as listen to what they’re saying.

• An historical document. The Piscataqua region has a rich history of writers, and Ten Piscataqua Writers 2022 presents a snapshot of writing in the region today.

The ten chapters of the book have all been written, selected, edited, designed, and paged and are just about ready to go on press. What we need now is to raise the money with pre-orders from readers in the community, along with more generous donations from patrons. Please use the Donate Now button above to pre-order your copy with as large a donation as you can.

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The Writers for 2022

Many thanks to all the wonderful Piscataqua writers who answered our Call for Entries last summer by sending us 15-30 manuscript pages for a chapter in our anthology. We regret we could not include everyone. The ten writers below were chosen not only for outstanding work, but also to represent a wide diversity of style, subject matter, media, and geography. You’ll find no two chapters in this book are alike. By no means are we saying these are the best ten writers in the region, rather we think these are ten diverse and outstanding writers the community should know about and celebrate.  We will be holding readings and book signings all around the region in the year following publication so the community will have plenty of chances to meet them

Merrill Black
Portsmouth, NH
Girl Walks Into a Bar
& Other Essays

Mary Duquette
Stratham, NH
And That Divine Eye
Excerpt from a novel

Bill Burtis
Exeter, NH
Liminal & Other Poems

Cathy Wolff
Kittery, ME
How to Punch
& Other Essays

Clark Knowles
Portsmouth, NH
Flash Fiction

S Stephanie
Rollinsford, NH
What We Brought on the Journey: 16 Poems

Mary Ann Cappiello
Stratham, NH
Searching for Dinah Tuck
Nonfiction – History

James Patrick Kelly
Nottingham, NH
Grandma +5ºC
Science Fiction – Short Story

Todd Hearon
Exeter, NH
Poetry, Verse Drama, and Songwriting 

Christina Keim
Rochester, NH
Two Essays

The Crew


Phillip Augusta
Kittery Point, ME

Rebecca Rule
Northwood, NH
Fiction Editor

Gerald Duffy
Portsmouth, NH
Nonfiction Editor

Jessica Purdy
Exeter, NH
Poetry Editor 

Adi Rule
Northwood, NH

Lynn Davey
Newfields, NH
Website Administration

Peggi McCarthy 
Norridgewock, ME
Advance Publicity

Brenda Riddell
Portsmouth, NH
Cover Designer

Advance Reviews

A sparkling collection of fiction, nonfiction and poetry allowing ten writers plenty of space to show their stuff.
     —Andrew Merton, journalist and poet, Durham

The concept behind this anthology is a veritable GPS of the imagination. It inverts the go-broad, free-range sense of a typical anthology, finding the expansive in a small area. Offering this on an annual basis is also a very fine idea, suggesting that one geographic area can be returned to repeatedly to mine its creativity.
     —Alexandria Peary, author, New Hampshire Poet Laureate, Londonderry

Impressive and highly recommended.
     —Brendan DuBois, New York Times bestselling author, Exeter

How wonderful to see new work by writers I was familiar with, and to find others who suddenly feel like old friends by way of the landscape, both literal and emotional. These stories and poems take us on that search through an array of unforgettable, compelling episodes. I couldn’t put it down.
     —Ann Joslin Williams, Director MFA in Writing, UNH, Durham

Impressive writing chops gathered into an exceptional collection. Don’t miss it!
     —Bill Paarlberg, editor and artist, Kittery Point

The seacoast is home to so many talented writers, an annual anthology would be a wonderful way to get to know them all.
     —Jennifer Richmond, Ceres Baker, South Berwick

Ten Piscataqua Writers does kaleidoscope right. Style, subject, and emo- tional range is exciting and inviting, but each of the writers has the gift of enough pages to be fully accessible. Rather than ten little windows opened and slammed shut, the reader discovers the beautiful play of this year’s literary shape and color.
     —Maren C. Tirabassi, author, former Portsmouth Poet Laureate, Portsmouth

Not a clunker in the bunch!
     —Andrew Periale, editor Puppetry International magazine, Strafford

This volume is rich and diverse in its content and craft. I loved reading it because of the surprise element—not knowing what was around the corner. The anthology strikes a perfect balance between poetry and prose as well as interior and exterior landscapes.
     —Sarah Anderson, author, co-founder of The Word Barn, Exeter

This is a project that deserves revisiting, if only to preserve the voices and stories of the lives in our region.
     —Jan Waldron, artist and author, Rye

Writers like to hide out, so they really do need to be discovered. A yearly anthology is a wonderful place to begin.
     —Mimi White, award-winning poet, Rye

I know and love the Seacoast more deeply thanks to this collection.
     —Denise J. Wheeler, writer, educator, activist, arts maven, Greenland

I loved the choices of works for this book. The poetry too. A beautiful compilation.
     —Laura Stutz, painter, cook, baker, South Berwick

Ten Piscataqua Writers is a very impressive and varied collection, the best selection of local writing I’ve seen gathered in one place. I feel a sense of pride to see their high quality work in print, and the whole book makes me proud to be from the Seacoast.
     —Roland Goodbody, actor, writer, director, Portsmouth (& UK)

I have lived closely with all the stories, essays and poems, traveled through eras and locations. The book has broadened my tastes.
     —Pat Spalding, writer & storyteller, Rye (& Harrisville)

There’s something special about giving anthology writers room to breath, and that’s exactly what happens in this unique collection.
     —Dan Szczesny, journalist, author of  The White Mountain, Manchester

Ten Piscataqua Writers takes a unique approach to showcasing regional talent by bringing together a collection that spans genres, styles, and themes. This is an anthology that celebrates a vibrant writing community and introduces readers to significant new voices and new work.
     —Katherine Towler, author of  The Penny Poet of Portsmouth, Portsmouth


Martha & Jeff Clark
TVC Systems
Bob & Karen Graham
Rev. Dr. David A. Purdy & Pamela Chatterton-Purdy
Kenny & Sally Gilbride
Linda & Cathy


Cheryl Krisko
Doug and Mary Bates
Rick Broussard
Angelica J Smith
Kathryn Pridham
Christopher Dean
Enrique Blazquez
Ann Wyatt
Amanda Allen
Delia Konzett
Chip Noon
Carolyn Kopp
Andrew Terris
Merrill & Russell Aharonian
Jeremiah Johnson
Stephanie Seacord
J Dennis Robinson
Ann Williams
Roger Clum
Methusaleh Podcast Productions
Christopher Cappiello
Edward Kim
Richard Candee
Karl Swanson
Diana Dumais
Kristen Peterson
Rhonda Young
Ryan Levasseur
Catherine Wolff
Matthew Doherty
Alison Harville
Janis Wolak
Gail Knowles
Paul Goodwin
Deborah Morrill
James Davis
Elizabeth Libby
Bill Meyer
Wolfgang Ertl
Robert Cappiello
Clark Knowles
Victoria Stella
Barbara Tsairis
Samuel Turner
Kristen Lanzer
Cheryl Kimball
Jane M. Vacante
Dr Ruth T Naylor
Ellen Schon
David Wade
S Stephanie
Brenda Casteel
Lorna Simes
Clare Kittredge
Abigail Lourie
Sally Fleming
Elizabeth Fox
Sarah Mercush
Elizabeth McLaughlin
Terry Stander
Cathy Coley
Louise Cameron
Bessie Palmisciano
Donna Marsh
Inez McDermott
PortCity Bike Tours
Steven Onishi
Lorraine Hansen
Angelica Smith
Susan Denenberg
Herb Moyer
Jan & Peter Thomas
Carol Keyes
Maria Montanaro
John Lewter
Kristin Kuyuk
Tyler Wolff-Ormes
Susan Geib
S Stephanie
Kathryn Buckley
Patrick Hefferan
Michael Warhurst
Janet Doyle
Alice K. Boatwright