This page is the Call for Entries page for the forthcoming Spring 2023 edition of the annual anthology, Ten Piscataqua Writers. For more information about, or to order the current edition, Ten Piscataqua Writers 2022, click here.

Ten Piscataqua Writers 2023
Call for Entries

We are seeking chapter-length submissions of 15-30 manuscript pages. An entry can be an excerpt from a larger work such as a novel or biography, or a single stand alone work such as an essay or short story, or a collection of shorter works, such as a group of poems, flash fiction, or short essays. Entries will be forwarded to the appropriate nonfiction, fiction, or poetry editor for their review and selection in October. Songwriting entries will be edited by the Poetry Editor. Playwriting entries will be edited by the Fiction Editor. 


  1. Writers must be the sole owner of the copyrighted work submitted. Previously published material can be considered so long as you retain all publishing rights.  
  2. Writers must also reside in one of the towns in Maine or New Hampshire touched and drained by the Piscataqua watershed (see map).


Entries must be submitted by midnight Friday, September 30th, 2022.

Entry Guidelines

Send your entry in an email to: 

In your email, please first introduce yourself in 100 words or less, including where you live, something about your writing experience, education, published works, and personal or writing interests. You may also attach a CV or Resume.

In a separate paragraph  please also provide a brief summary of your entry (up to 100 words). Is it a short story? Novel excerpt? Collection of poems? What, when, and where is it about? How many words is it (10,000 max) or how many pages do you expect it to take up (30pp max–poems and short pieces in a collection start on new pages). Single stand alone pieces only need a title, however if it’s a collection of titled short pieces, you will also need a title for the whole group. Sometimes less is more, try to resist adding material just to max out our guidelines, 20 good short poems is more likely to be chosen over 30 poems that include 10 mediocre ones. If the work, or any part of the work submitted has been previously published, please be sure to cite any necessary permissions at the end of your submitted entry. 

Attach the actual entry to your email and use your full name (as one word) for the entry’s filename. Attached files may be in Word, Pages, .rtf, .txt, or .pdf formats. 

We will not be notifying authors if their pieces are not selected. Please don’t pester us regarding your entry. The writers chosen will be announced in early November. The most reliable way to find out the results is by subscribing to our intermittent newsletter, Ten Piscataqua News. We do not share our mailing list.


The 3 content editors will be making their selections  during the month of October. The ten writers chosen will be announced in early November. Copyediting takes place in November and December. Advance Publicity (reviewers) takes place in December and January. Crowdfunding begins in February of the new year, and we expect to publish in late May of 2023. 

The Deal for Writers

Each of the 10 writers chosen receives a 2.5% share of the book’s net profit from crowdfunding and retail sales, in exchange for the nonexclusive rights to publish their work in the anthology. Together the 10 writers share 25% of the profit. In addition, writers agree to participate in up to 4 readings around the region in the year following publication.  

Profit sharing Gigs 

The publishing crew shares another 25% of the book’s net profit, most of the gigs below earning 2.5% each. At this time we are recruiting—Fiction Editor, Nonfiction Editor, (Poetry Editor is all set), Copy Editor, Book Designer, Publishing Intern, Advance Publicist, Social Media Admin, Crowdfunding Mgr, and Event Planner. 

No one should expect to get rich, but if the 2022 edition is any guide, you can expect something, but how much depends on how successful we are at crowdfunding and retail sales. For more info on any of the above gigs, please inquire or make your pitch to: