Freelance Publishing Gigs available for the Ten Piscataqua Painters project

We have immediate openings for quite a few of the various positions needed to edit, market and crowdfund the book.  These gigs are not paid hourly or by salary, but instead earn a share of the book’s net profit (profit after expenses), and profitshares are paid on an annual basis starting one year from our publication date. While we’re confident we will reach our crowdfunding target for Ten Piscataqua Painters, it’s only upon passing that breakeven point, that everyone’s shares begin to earn any money. It’s impossible to know beforehand how successful we’ll be. We may only do a little better than our target and wind up share next to nothing, or the stars could align and we produce a local bestseller, which is what we’re aiming for. but have no guarantees. Meanwhile we are all sharing the risks and rewards.

How successful we are depends very much on how well the community supports our idea of discovering and celebrating outstanding visual artists of the Piscataqua watershed.

To make a pitch for any of the job descriptions at right, address your email to Put the gig you’re interested in the subject line of the email and simply make your best pitch to say what you can bring to the gig and the project. We look for good communication skills, attention to detail, and able to work both unsupervised and as part of a team. 


Publishing a coffee table book takes a village, there are a million different little jobs needing to happen at different times, along with needs that just pop up. Traditional publishing is changing, color printing is more affordable than ever, and the internet has made crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and online collaborations possible. Crowdfunded and self-published books take a larger share of the book market every year. Suddenly, a series of coffee table art books celebrating local visual artists isn’t such a crazy idea!

Our collaboration started with inviting ten outstanding painters from the regional community. This “cast” will divvy a full third of the book’s net profit after expenses. We also recruit a “crew” of  elves—creative professionals and freelancers from the community to do the behind-the-curtains stuff—the editorial, design, production, and marketing gigs you see listed in the next column. The crew divvies the second third of any net profit. These are the gigs we’re currently looking to fill. The final third of any net profit goes to Ten Piscataqua which is the project’s traffic cop and showrunner, provides continuity, office, and storage space. 

Finally we reach out to the community to support the project with advance orders and other donations on our crowdfunding page when the book is close to being finished and getting ready for the printer (like now). We have a breakeven target to pay expenses for a small print run. Once we reach that goal, real money starts accumulating to be divvied among all the stakeholders who have risked their time and talent investing in the project. 

All that said, nobody should be expecting to get rich. We can’t even guarantee you’ll get minimum wage for the hours you invest. Aside from their earned shares, everyone participating receives a first edition hardcopy of the book, has a valuable addition for their CV or portfolio, experience and connections from working with a team of creative professionals on a community project, and will have their name and contribution recognized in the book credits for all time. 

Advance Publicity: Starts immediately, arrange for local luminaries to see the book and provide praise and comments from which we can edit quotes for our crowdfunding. Part time June through July.  Position has been filled. 

Copywriter: Starts immediately. A wordsmith for crafting social media posts, advertising copy, and other publicity. Teams with video ed and graphic designer. Part time summer. Tapers off late summer ’21 and occasional needs into the fall.
Graphic Designer: Starts immediately. Design and production of consistent graphic elements for the newsletter, website, and especially social media posts. Teams with copy writer and video ed. Part time summer. Tapers off late summer ’21 and occasional needs thereafter into the fall. 
Video Editor: Starts immediately. Teams with copy writer and graphic artist. Takes raw footage (provided) from which short clips for social media posts, website, and newsletter can be derived. Admins our Youtube channel. Part time summer, occasional needs in fall. 
Book Designer:  Starts immediately. Our format is 9”x9” hardback,128 pages, 10 chapters with FM & BM. Minimal text design, paging is mostly placing art files with captions. A cover rough is needed early, its design can follow the series template, or vary. Now until late August.  Position has been filled. 
Manufacturing (printer liaison): Starts immediately. Arrange print & bind estimates, choose printer. Oversee digital prototype manufacturing mid-summer, help put the book on press and liaise/oversee w/printer when on press in September. Part time.
Website Admin:  Assist with regular website updates for the duration of the project. (1 year) as needed. Position has been filled. 
Social Media Mavens: Starts immediately. Admin and help build our presence on one or more social media platforms (FB, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and possibly Youtube). Schedule posts prepared by the content creation team. Encourage engagement, answer questions, periodically moderate when necessary. We’ll be making daily posts, so possibly a shared gig, with 2 admins covering different days of the week. Part time summer, tapering fall. 
Event Coordinator: Starts immediately. Arrange & help coordinate exhibitions and book signings of the ten painters, starting in Nov. Scheduling, arranging refreshments, help hang the show, troubleshoot, and run interference during. The show travels to several different venues in the region over the next year. Intermittent over 1 year.

Fulfillment Coordinator: Oversees packing and shipping to fulfill all our crowdfunding preorders. Also distributes hardback copies to local retailers. Short term and part time October and November ’21. 

Publishing Intern:  This is for the paperback Writers anthology publishing next spring. Intermittent as needed but starts immediately. A catchall position doing whatever publishing task needs attention at the moment. Examples include researching and scheduling venues for readings and book signings, help brainstorm crowdfunding posts, etc. Variable hours and periods as available. More frequent after November .